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Tera — study resource management

Tera enables uploading files, adding links, or simply writing up tasks — these are combined into courses, which can act as primary or secondary resources for teachers and subjects.

It is usually best to create a course per form, for example you can create separate courses for:

  • Form 8 Mathematics
  • Form 9 Mathematics
  • Form 10 Physics

Courses can be connected to journals, and a course can be connected to multiple journals at once. In the case of teaching a subject to multiple parallel forms, you can use the same course for all forms.

The structure and content of courses is not limited in any way.

Using Tera

Managing resources

Click on “Create course” to create a new course — a new course is initially visibile only to you.

To add resources, click on “Add text or upload file”, and then simply either browse for files or type/paste something into the box. Please note that the contents of some links (Youtube, for example) will be directly embedded into the resource.

You can also create folders and add/move items into folders.

Sharing courses

You can connect courses to journals — this makes the contents of the course visible to all students of in the journal, and their parents.

There are two methods:

  • When in a Tera course, click on "Settings" and then "add/edit members" - you can then either pick individual users and share the course with them or connect the course to any number of journals (simply click “link” in front of the journal you wish to connect the course to)
  • when in a journal, click on “Connect study resources” and then on “Link Tera course” — on the next page click on “link“ on front of any of the courses you wish to connect to the journal