Eesti keelesTurvavõtme (passkey) kasutamine Stuudiumisse sisse logimiseks

Using a passkey to log in to Stuudium

A passkey is stored in your smartphone, and can be used to log in to Stuudium using your fingerprint or face ID.

To use a passkey, you need a smartphone with:

  • iOS 16 (or newer).
  • Android 9 (or newer).
    On an Android phone it’s best to use the Google Chrome browser.

Passkeys work better if you have installed all available updates.

Adding a passkey to your account

  1. Use your smartphone to open your account security settings page

  2. Tap “Passkey” → Add a passkey to your account

  3. Tap the Add the current device as a passkey button at the bottom of the page.

    NB! Passkeys can only be added on smartphones with one user (and which has been used on multiple days to access Stuudium). Adding a passkey on a shared smartphone is not allowed. Your phone must have a screen lock PIN-code activated.

Logging in using a passkey

  1. Open the login page (
  2. Tap the Passkey button
  3. Confirm the login on your phone (using a fingerprint, face ID or PIN-code — the options provided depend on your phone settings).

When logging in to a computer, you will be shown a QR code. Scan the code using your smartphone’s camera app.

Problems and solutions: Android and QR codes

If your Android camera app does not allow scanning QR codes to log in with passkeys, use Google Chrome to scan the code:

  1. open Chrome
  2. click on the Chrome camera button
  3. point the camera at the QR code and push the “Use Passkey” button, which should appear

Addtional information for administrators and class teachers

  • Students under 15 who do not have the ability to use their ID-card or Smart-ID, can add a passkey even when logging in with their password
  • The requirements for adding a passkey may differ between account types - specific requirements can always be viewed by every student, parent and teacher on their security settings page.
  • Passkeys can also be used by teachers. To add their passkey, teachers must simply log in with their ID-card or Smart-ID.
  • Teachers who have no access to an ID-card or Smart-ID and who are temporarily allowed to use a password, can also add a passkey after logging in with their password.